Jesus Israel Robles Dueñas

Jesus Israel Robles Dueñas

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First Name * Jesus Israel
Last Name * Robles Dueñas
Username * Rofideo
Country * Mexico
City Ciudad de México (D.F.)
Nationality Mexican
Languages EnglishSpanish


Current Position Rigger, Generalist
Current Company Huevocartoon
Preferred Tools Maya


Availability: Freelance
Phone number 3310218997 Guadalajara 5532598593 Mexico City


I start drawing and painting in tradiotional media: pencils, watercolor and tempera

In highscool I take studies from graphic design and fine arts, some years later I work for an Master Sculptor as an apprentice, learn a lot from anatomy and production.

Then I goes to the university, start studies in Computational Enginery (1997-1999), Medicine (2000) and Psicology (2001-2005) I never finished one.

Start as a hobby with 3D, I fall in love with CG. soon I become an autodidact.

2008 Finally I start as freelance job :-) learning a lot in the way

Join in the first big movie project in Mexico, Huevocartoon Studios is making his first 3D movie.
I meet some of the best artist in the Country and learn a lot in the way. Working since the animatic, designing some shots. Becoming part of the rigging team and now with the coordination of the assembling team.

I am proud of be part of this project.

Maya, XSI, Photoshop


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